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This post shares some information on pregnancy, neighborhoods, and mental health based on responses that PowerMoms like you have shared with us. The more PowerMoms we have, the more we learn from each other.

Terms to know: The Area Deprivation Index (ADI) is a tool that researchers use to figure out how much economic and social disadvantages exist in certain neighborhoods. It helps them see and compare the difficulties that various communities or neighborhoods deal with.

On this chart, as the neighborhood ADI rank gets darker, it means the neighborhood has more disadvantages. When that happens, PowerMoms are more likely to say they feel scared or panicky for no clear reason. This shows that there might be a link between the neighborhood’s conditions and how PowerMoms feel mentally.

It’s really important to understand this connection so we can provide the right help and resources to support PowerMoms, especially those in neighborhoods facing more challenges. As more PowerMoms join in and share their experiences, we can follow how and if these trends change. This helps us learn from each other and do better.

What is PowerMom Connect?

PowerMom Connect is a new, paid sub-study within the PowerMom platform on postpartum maternal mental health. To learn more, visit this link.

What is PowerMom FIRST?

PowerMom FIRST stands for Fighting Inequity and Racism with Supportive Technology. The PowerMom FIRST study is a sub-study within the PowerMom Research Platform to understand whether there is a relationship between systemic racism and maternal health outcomes.To learn more about PowerMom FIRST, visit this link.

Thank you for helping us learn!

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Here are other topics on the pregnancy journey that your data helps us understand:

Our your data helps blogs are co-authored by Justin Wang, PhD Candidate at Scripps Research and intern at the Scripps Research Digital Trials Center. His background is in Molecular and Cell Biology, and he has a deep interest in science policy and advocacy.

Lauren Serpico

Lauren Serpico, Ph.D, is the Sr. Project Manager of Social Media Content at Scripps Research Digital Trials Center. Her background is in Community Psychology, with a focus on online social networks.