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This blog post shares some information on your post delivery plans based on responses that PowerMoms like you have shared with us. The more PowerMoms we have, the more we learn from each other!

Your Data Helps Us Understand: Your Post Delivery Plans

Terms to know: The Area Deprivation Index (ADI) – a tool that researchers often use to measure how much economic and social disadvantages there are in specific neighborhoods. This lets them understand and compare the challenges that different communities or neighborhoods face.

At the heart of PowerMom lies a profound understanding of the vital role that community plays in shaping the journey of motherhood.

We are empowered to see that almost all of our PowerMoms have support from their partner/spouse, family and friends during pregnancy and after the baby is born.

Thank you for helping us learn!

To gain even MORE insights, we need more participation from PowerMoms like you!

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Here are other topics on the pregnancy journey that your data helps us understand:

Our your data helps blogs are co-authored by Justin Wang, PhD Candidate at Scripps Research and intern at the Scripps Research Digital Trials Center. His background is in Molecular and Cell Biology, and he has a deep interest in science policy and advocacy.

Lauren Serpico

Lauren Serpico, Ph.D, is the Sr. Project Manager of Social Media Content at Scripps Research Digital Trials Center. Her background is in Community Psychology, with a focus on online social networks.