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Step-by-step instructions & breastfeeding tips to help achieve a deep latch

Are you a new mom looking for breastfeeding tips? We hope these help:

  1. Find a comfortable position. Sit in a chair with good back support or use pillows to prop yourself up. Make sure you’re relaxed and comfortable before starting. 
  2. Support your baby. Cradle your baby’s head and neck with one hand, making sure their ear, shoulder, and hip are aligned in a straight line. Use your other hand to support your breast, placing your thumb on top and your other fingers below. 
  3. Bring your baby to your breast. With your nipple aimed at your baby’s nose, gently brush their upper lip with your nipple. This will stimulate them to open their mouths wide. 
  4. Wait for a wide open mouth. As your baby’s mouth opens wide, quickly bring them onto your breast, aiming for the lower part of the areola (the dark area around the nipple) to be in their mouth. Ensure they take in as much of the areola as possible. 
  5. Check the latch. Once your baby is latched, check for a few signs of a good latch. Their lips should be flanged outward, covering a significant portion of the areola. Their chin should be touching your breast, and their nose should be slightly away from your breast, allowing them to breathe comfortably. 

Here are some tips: 

  • Ensure proper positioning. Your baby’s body should be facing you, and their head and neck should be in a straight line. 
  • Wait for a wide open mouth. It’s crucial to wait for your baby to open their mouth wide before latching. This helps them take in a larger portion of the areola. 
  • Aim for a deep latch. The more areola your baby takes into their mouth, the better their latch will be. This helps them extract milk efficiently and prevents nipple soreness. 
  • Seek help if needed. If you’re experiencing difficulty achieving a deep latch or if breastfeeding is painful, reach out to a lactation consultant or a healthcare professional for assistance. 

Remember that practice and patience are key. It may take a few tries to get a comfortable and deep latch. Don’t hesitate to seek support from a lactation consultant or breastfeeding support group if you need additional guidance.

To learn more about what to expect while breastfeeding, explore resources from La Leche League.

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