Working Towards Healthier Pregnancies – and Healthier Babies.

Join our community of pregnant people collecting and contributing important pregnancy-related health information through app-based surveys and wearable sensors. Together, we are working to reduce health disparities and learning more about what leads to healthy pregnancies and healthy babies for every pregnant person.

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Learn About Your Pregnancy Health and Make a Difference

Just like every mom is unique, so is every pregnancy. Whether this is your first pregnancy or your fourth, you’ll likely still have questions. When you join the PowerMom study and confidentially share your information with our researchers, you’ll not only learn more about what’s healthy for your pregnancy, but you may also help researchers uncover patterns and make discoveries about healthy pregnancy.

Easy, Free and Convenient

If you’re pregnant, live in the United States and have a smartphone, you can download the MyDataHelps™ app and begin participating in PowerMom right away.

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Private and Trusted

Private and Trusted

PowerMom is a project of Scripps Research, a leading nonprofit academic institution with a focus on research and education in the field of biomedical sciences. Our researchers lead breakthrough studies that address the world’s most pressing health concerns.

As a trusted nonprofit organization, your privacy is our priority. In order to protect you, your name and personal information are removed from your data prior to it reaching our researchers. Your data is not shared.

“Welcome to the PowerMom study. As a new mom, and someone who was going through my second pregnancy during the pandemic, I know how scary it can be to not have the information we need due to the lack of research on pregnant people.“
Dr. Tolúwalàṣé (Laṣé) Ajayi, MD, FAAP, Lead Researcher, PowerMom

Join the Community

Together, we aim to find answers to the most common pregnancy questions. Download MyDataHelps™ available via Google Play and App Store.

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